EcoGel 100

EcoGel 100 Imaging Ultrasound Gel is a low viscosity ultrasound gel (35,000-45,000 cps) formulated primarily for use in diagnostic imaging and other external procedures requiring a thinner medium. More →

EcoGel 200

EcoGel 200 Multi-Purpose Ultrasound Gel is our most popular brand of ultrasound gel. It is a medium viscosity gel (80,000-100,000 cps) designed for use in therapeutic ultrasound, diagnostic imaging and other external procedures requiring a viscous yet easy-to-use conductive medium. More →

EcoGel 300

EcoGel 300 TENS Gel is a sticky, high viscosity conductive gel (110,000-120,000 cps) designed primarily for TENS treatment and other external procedures requiring a thicker medium. More →


EcoLotion Transmission Lotion is a great alternative to ultrasound gels! EcoLotion Transmission Lotion is an excellent conductive medium for use in therapeutic ultrasound as well as other external procedures when a lotion is preferred to a gel. More →


EcoMassage is an excellent, non-greasy, water-based lotion which is a perfect medium for use in massage therapy. EcoMassage is enriched with both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. EcoMassage offers the benefits of a massage oil without the hassle. More →

We Value Our Customers

Eco-Med is a leading manufacturer and distributor of superior medical gels and lotions in over 30 countries world-wide. Eco-Med's success is attributable to the quality of our products, our commitment to quality standards and our excellence in customer service. Eco-Med specializes in medical gels and lotions designed to enhance the patient's experience while delivering superior and efficient results for the medical practitioner. Eco-Med gels and lotions are priced to ensure maximum results at a minimum cost.

Eco-Med also offers a complete turn-key private labeling program designed to complement and enhance your existing medical supply business. Customized branding and packaging is made easy through Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals delivering increased product breadth resulting in stronger client relationships.


Ultrasound gel, ultrasound transmission lotion, ultrasound massage lotion and paraffin wax.



All products are carefully manufactured and packaged in strict accordance with good manufacturing practices.



Eco-med Pharmaceutical Inc. is a registered medical device establishment with Health Canada and the US Food & Drug Administration. In addition, all of our products carry the C. E. mark. We stand behind our products conducting our own internal audits and tests.

Committed to Quality

ISO 13485